- buy soma here will never be a crime.

Celebrating Our 25th Year!


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Ed Mohrbacher
Triple SSS Aviation Ltd.

I wanted to send this note and extend a very gracious thank you to everyone at Flight Solutions. The Staff at Flight Solutions went above and beyond what we expected during our recent purchase of our Citation II SP. We received superior support from all of the maintenance personnel in preparing the aircraft for our purchase as well as phenomenal support from the office staff in making sure that all of the documentation for the aircraft was extremely well organized. I want to extend a special personal thank you to Miranda for assisting me with making sure that all of the documents were in place so the closing went much smoother than expected. I know I speak for everyone at Triple SSS Aviation Ltd., in saying that Flight Solutions made purchasing our aircraft a absolute pleasure. We would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone in search of an aircraft.

logo prime

Bob Fisher, President
Prime Office Products, Nashville, TN USA

 "Kevin McCutcheon and his team at Flight Solutions have provided me with a true turnkey approach to aircraft ownership. Flight Solutions located an airplane, performed the pre-purchase and sold me the airplane at a fair price. More importantly, the attention and service after the sale has been superior to any I have experienced in the aircraft industry. Flight Solutions has taken a lot of the hassle out of buying and owning an airplane thereby saving me time and money, both very precious commodities in today's world."

logo bluesky

Mark Fitzsimmons
Managing Director
Blue Sky Helicopters Pty Ltd Australia

"G'day Kevin, t hanks for your email and kind words... Let me start by saying that what you & everyone at Flight Solutions (especially Jeff) have done for me, goes way beyond great customer service... the fact that you all recognized what a quantum leap this was for Blue Sky, guiding me through the whole process from the moment I first arrived (in Gallatin to inspect the ship) to the moment N103PH left your facility on Thursday was nothing short of Fantastic.

The whole process has far exceeded my initial expectations. Thank you."

logo worldbank

Joseph Raycraft
SVP - Europe
WorldBusiness Capital, Inc

Per our telephone conversation I am very pleased to inform you that today WorldBusiness Capital fully funding the letter of credit in favor of Flight Solutions.  The money should be in your company's bank account by the close of business today.   I want to say that it was a real pleasure working with you and Kevin on this project.  These types of deals are never easy and I appreciate your patience and professionalism throughout the process.  I have to say that you have been the most efficient person that I have worked with in complying with all of the various documentation requirements of the L/C and getting everything right the first time.  Your early submission of all of the documents made it easy for us to fund the L/C so quickly. 

Again, thank you for your dedication to this project and I really enjoyed working with you throughout the process (through the good and the bad).  I hope that we will have the opportunity to work with Flight Solutions again to finance your emerging market customers purchases of aircraft.

Dale Gish
Nashville, TN

Randall, Jeff and yourself all have been absolutely great! You sold my airplane and the money made it to the bank before I even knew about it! But let me say that the whole experience from originally buying the airplane from you up till the time I decided to sell again, you were very invaluable help and the advice I received from everyone at Flight Solutions has been wonderful!! I would certainly recommend you to anyone...don't ever hesitate to use me as a reference.


Ernie Sturm, President
Aircraft Management Solutions, Inc.

Kevin, We had a great flight back to the Northwest; absolutely no squawks on the aircraft. We had our first trip with the owners on Friday and they are thrilled with the aircraft. It exceeded their expectations in every way! Please pass along my thanks to Jeff and Miranda - they were extremely helpful throughout the process and especially while you were out of town. We really enjoyed working with you—we’ll look forward to another opportunity to do business together. Anytime you're in the Northwest, let me know; would love to show you around.

Gary Salerno
Steel Tech

A sincere thank you for going above and beyond anything I expected on my purchase of the Citation Jet. You are definitely a man of your word!

logo vision

Tony Fiorillo
Vision Marketing Group

It is highly unusual for me to take time to write a letter to someone, I feel it necessary to express my sincere appreciation on the way that you have taken care of me and my aircraft needs. You not only meet my needs but well exceeded my expectations; you truly are a great person to deal with, from your honesty to your business ethics. You are a breath of fresh air and I will deal with you for as long as you are selling aircraft.

Thank you for your help in locating the Citation, we absolutely are enjoying it and it was exactly as you represented, if I hear of anyone looking for an aircraft I will pass them along to you.


Hank Williams, Jr.

"Flying with Flight Solutions is the only way to go! We would never think of using anyone else when chartering an aircraft. They have been handling all of my private air travel needs for years. I would recommend Flight Solutions to everyone."

Chief Phillip Gibson
and members of the
Goodlettsville Fire Department

Kevin and Julie, first and foremost, THANK YOU. In a time when businesses have to focus on every dollar spent to control their bottom line, you put this aside and made a dream come true for 40 under privileged kids. While the Goodlettsville Fire Department would never possibly need nor require the purchase of an aircraft you freely gave of your time, equipment and expenses to make sure Santa Claus could fly in to be present during this shopping event with local under privileged children. (I personally recommended your company to Santa since his present company seems to have trouble maintaining his sleigh.) You may not be aware but several adults shed tears during your fly-in and orbit, seeing the joy on the children's face with Santa waving at them from that shiny red helicopter.

The Goodlettsville Fire Department and the City of Goodlettsville will never be able to show you our appreciation for your willingness to assist us in such a short notice with no hesitation or doubts. Sometimes we minimize our gratitude by saying too much. With that, THANK YOU.

logo mercia

Martyn Jupp and Malcolm Lassan
Air Mercia, Ltd.
United Kingdom

Hello Kevin, back in the office now, after a real adventure flying back to England!! For my part, I would like to say thanks for everything, you've truly done a great job on the on our new King Air 200. The whole process went smoothly as planned and it's always a pleasure doing business with good, honest and genuine people.

A big thanks to you and Miranda for your help whilst we were with you and you will be pleased to know the trip across went very smoothly without a single hitch. Your attention to detail was unsurpassed. The experience exceeded our expectations and we will look to you again for our next aircraft.

Thank you all.

logo asi

Rick Penwell
ASI (Aviation Sales Incorporated)

Kevin – Thank you!! The sale of our King Air 200 could not have been handled better. It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to futures deals. There are not many guys left in the business that do what they promise. Your word is gold with me!!!

logo zanetis

Chris Zanetis
Zanetis Group

I’ve done a lot of business deals, but none as pleasurable as my recent King Air B200 purchase from the team at Flight Solutions. At every step in the process, they went to extra efforts to assist in the transaction, and delivered an immaculate aircraft. Not only was their shop work the best I’ve seen, but the office and paperwork side of the transaction was flawless.

When I’m ready to upgrade again it will definitely be with Kevin McCutcheon and his team at Flight Solutions.

Phillip Elmeer
E M Phillips, Inc.
St. Petersburg Florida

Kevin, a short note to thank you and your staff for the great service Flight Solutions provided in the delivery of my new Enstrom. I know that completing any major transaction over the holidays can be a difficult task, but somehow you and your staff managed to take in my trade, help me obtain appropriate financing, arrange for transition training and deliver my helicopter two days following Christmas. Working with Flight Solutions has been indeed a pleasure. Please pass on my thanks to Jeff Winget for his quick response to my maintenance questions and issues. Again thanks for a job well done.

Dr. Kendall Early
Surgeon, now retired to Australia

“I have to say that in my years of owning aircraft and trying to sell them, that I haven’t ever been as pleased with an experience as I have with the way you handled the sale of my Helicopter! The task was not an easy one, but from my standpoint, you sure may it feel that way. Thanks for all the hard work and I am quite sure that when we meet again I will owe you a fine steak dinner. Cheers Mate"

Merlin's Avionics Services

Merlin Grigsby
Merlin's Avionics Service

Since first meeting you and your staff in 1999, I have watched your company grow and expand. You have been keenly observant of industry trends, and have carved out and developed several lucrative markets.

Mr. Jeff Wingett has been a key ingredient in your success, both on the floor, as well as being involved in the work flow. Mr. Wingett has a very loyal work ethic, and any company would be proud to have him as a team member. Mr. Wingett is extremely detail oriented, and is deserving of much credit when meeting customer deadlines and needs.

Mr. McCutcheon, I have personally taken note of your professionalism, and competitive sales abilities. You have a confident air about you, and are able to convey the deep convictions of the quality products you market to eager customers. Your aggressive approach is very much the key to your company's growth and standing.

Thank you, and I wish you continued success in your many ventures!

logo medicaldata

Gary Ball
Medical Data Systems, Inc.

I would like to tell you what a pleasure it has been doing business with Flight Solutions. When I contracted with you to act as our agent to locate and purchase a King Air 300 I really did not realize just how much effort your organization would put into the task.

In today's world it is a rare pleasure to find someone of your caliber. I am truly happy with the outcome, would be more than happy to act as a reference, and look forward to more business dealings in the future.

Thanks Again.

logo paravion

Janine K. Iannarelli

“It is with the greatest of gratitude that I wish to express my thanks for your total professionalism regarding the recent sale of our King Air 350……without your perseverance and diplomacy Kevin, this transaction would never have come to fruition. You are to be commended for your efforts and I know that I speak for everyone involved in this transaction, when I say that “thanks” alone seems not enough. Again, thank you Kevin for all that you did. I would be delighted to work with you again and will look forward to that opportunity.”

logo honaker

Mr. Shawn Honaker
Honaker Aviation
Bardstown, Kentucky

I wanted to write a quick note to thank you and your staff for making the purchase of both our 1982 Lear 35A last year as well as our new 2005 Enstrom 280FX “Shark” this last week go so smoothly. The level of professionalism that you and your staff uphold is unparalleled. I will most definitely be doing business with you again in the future and will happily recommend you to anyone looking to purchase or sell an aircraft.

Once again Kevin, thank you.

logo banta

D.D. Belcher
Banta Corporation

"Just a brief note of thanks and appreciation for the outstanding service and support which you and your team provided to me with the purchase of a 2003 280FX Enstrom helicopter. There were several challenges and an unexpected delay from the culmination of our agreement to the actual delivery availability, but during the process you were unfailingly informative, supportive and committed to the customer.

You turned what could have been a difficult and awkward experience into a first-class example of outstanding customer service... including a very special and unexpected gift on delivery day.

Please also express my thanks and appreciation to Jeff, Lee and your entire team, it was a pleasure doing business with all of you."

logo lga

Lorne Gray
Lorne Gray Agencies LTD.

"So often in the closing of a sale we are too busy to say thanks. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Jennifer and Jeff for making this a fun deal to do. As a broker for the past 20 years I have had the opportunity to work with many owners, brokers and dealers, but none have been as professional as Flight Solutions.Thanks to all for all of your help."

Brent Fuqua

Kevin, I want to thank you for allowing your organization to take the time to host the kindergarten class from Merrol Hyde Magnet School a couple of weeks ago.  My son was part of that group.

Their day started with a train ride from Nashville to Lebanon.  Then they boarded a bus and traveled to the airport in Gallatin.  They finished their day by eating lunch at one of the marinas in Hendersonville.  My wife was a chaperone for that trip.  She called me on the bus trip from Lebanon to Gallatin and informed me that no one had made arrangements with the airport for a tour and she asked me if I could help.  I called your office and asked for you, but you were out.  I explained the situation to Kelly and, after speaking with you, she called me back and said that she would take care of hosting the group. At the end of the day, the adult consensus was that the airport was the best part of the day!

Thank you so much for entertaining them on a beautiful day.  My wife is going to make a portrait/collage of the students that you can use to decorate the office.  We hope you enjoy it.

Please make sure Kelly gets this note as well.

logo miniter

Jim Gilpin, President
Miniter Resource Partners, Inc. Norwell, Massachusetts USA

"I read the home page on your web site again this afternoon, and what you've written there is what I experienced over the last few months. It's been a pleasure to work with an organization that still believes in "customer service". I like to think that our customers are as thrilled with our service as I was with yours."

"The purchase of our current aircraft could not have been a more pleasant experience. After agreeing on our price, the pre-buy inspections went smoothly. It took the manufacturer 4 months to get some of the replacement parts, and your organization had the installation payment to our mechanic before I knew it."

"I wish all of my past aircraft purchases had gone so smoothly. We will be looking to upgrade to a 421 or a King Air C90 in the next 18 months. Your organization will be the one I call for that purchase."

logo policeWilliam McCutcheon
Minnesota State Senator
St. Paul Minnesota Police Chief (Rtd.)

"I have finished reading all the good things customers have to say about Flight Solutions and its services. I am impressed beyond expectations. You just have to be proud of your accomplishments and of the way in which you have conducted your business relationships."

Yes – I know this one is from my Father, but truthfully, having to follow in the footsteps of a man that accomplished so much, this one means more to me than all the others combined!  - Kevin McCutcheon, President

Alta Air, Inc.

Dave Treinis, President
Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA

"Thanks again for the lunch after delivering my new aircraft, and for the pleasurable, professional dealings. It hasn't been often that I have enjoyed working with a broker, and I certainly came away from our transaction with respect and admiration for your skills. I'll be looking forward to working with you again on the next airplane".

Mico Machine Company

Mike Kulhanek, President
LaGrange, Texas, USA

"Kevin, Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the way you and your team handled the sale of the Cessna 421C to me several months ago. Everything was done in a very professional and timely manner. In your business, there are plenty of transactions that occur when the purchaser doesn't feel this way believe me, I've been in that situation before. This was by far the most pleasant experience I've had in purchasing an aircraft."

logo wealth

Rusty Benton, Chief Executive Officer
Nashville, TN

"Flight Solutions has provided me with excellent service on both the buy side and the sell side. They have saved me a lot of money and time. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for exceptional performance".

Metro Redevelopment, Inc.

Paul Fechner, Vice President
Omaha, NE

"Flight Solutions has worked with us on three different aircraft transactions throughout the years. In each and every case we have been completely satisfied. The last aircraft we bought sight unseen, and it exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend their services to anyone needing total professionalism and integrity".

logo atc

O,Deen K. Redman, President
Albion, ID

"Just wanted you to know how pleased I was with the professional manner in which you and your staff handled the sale of my new aircraft we purchased from your company. I especially appreciated the additional close up photos you sent which allowed me to inspect the aircraft without having to fly to Nashville and personally view the airplane. When the aircraft arrived in Burley, Idaho, there were no surprises.

A big thanks to Elizabeth for her part in the handling of the transaction documents and her personal attention to the entire sale. Thanks also to the pilot, Allen Terry, who delivered the aircraft and took the time to make sure that the pre-buy and flight check ride went as smoothly as possible.

Your professionalism and personal attention to every detail during this sale was greatly appreciated."

logo comanche

Toney Prather, President
DeLeon, TX

"Our purchase with Flight Solutions went without a hitch. The aircraft was exactly as represented and has performed better than expected. We are quickly falling in love with this airplane. Kevin, we enjoyed doing business with you and would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone who asked about Flight Solutions, Inc., Great work!"

Don Blackley, M.D.
Concord, North Carolina


"Thanks Kevin for making my purchase so easy! Having owned aircraft in the past and utilizing a number of aviation Companies, it's refreshing to finally find a company that places such a high value on customer service! I truly appreciate all the work that you and your team put into completing my aircraft. It turned out great! I also enjoyed the free check-out to make sure I was comfortable with the aircraft before I departed. The "Grand Finale" occurred after accepting the aircraft, flying three hours, then having an HSI failure and you insisting on covering the cost of the HSI's replacement - a $3,300.00 bill! This was a touch of class. I have never received that kind of customer service before. It is this kind of effort and integrity that will surely keep me coming back to Flight Solutions for service, and eventually buying my next aircraft, as I continue to climb the evolutionary aircraft chain."