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Celebrating Our 25th Year!

Aircraft Maintenance Services


Having one of the most productive tools in any business, a private aircraft, already puts you miles ahead of the competition. Maintaining that tool is equally as important. The team at Flight Solutions can assist you in optimizing its use and keeping your aircraft in the air. Allowing Flight Solutions to professionally maintain your aircraft will ensure you hours of reliable service. Proper maintenance enhances value and durability of your aircraft. You will see the benefits in lower overall operating costs, increased efficiency, and an overall safer operating environment.

Aircraft Refurbishments

We provide complete refurbishment services for your aircrafts interior. Having years of experience allows us the ability to upgrade your aircraft with the highest quality material and fabrics. Our interior refurbishment capabilities range from partial's upgrades to complete interiors that include all leather seats and custom made carpets.Aircraft-Maintenance

  • Our design department will help to create an aircraft that is elegant and pleasing; enhancing your aircrafts value.
  • In our cabinet shop we offer new or re-styled cabinets using a color laminate, or we can apply real wood veneers and hard wood trim
  • Our capabilities include; the design and installation of complete entertainment systems, including Air Show 400, Network, LCD Monitors, C.D.'s, DVD's, V.C.R.'s, FM Cordless Headsets and V.I.P. control panels.

Whatever the request, we work with the customer to achieve complete satisfaction, making the process an experience to remember.



We offer complete avionics upgrades. Upgrading your panel has never been easier. From basic installations to complete instrument panel renovations, we can accommodate all you avionics needs.

Installations can be accomplished as stand alone or coupled with other improvements and upgrades. Packaging your avionics and maintenance at the same time your refurbishment is being done both minimizes your downtime and saves money.

From piston twins to fan jets, minor inspections to major engine overhauls, avionics and interiors, and helicopters, Flight Solutions can assist you with all your maintenance needs. Call us for a free quote or to discuss how we can help you manage your maintenance.






- Contact Jeff Winget - Projects Manager/Director of Maintenance directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (800) 281-9301, ext. 204