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Celebrating Our 25th Year!

2002 Citation Encore N56FS

Very low-time Citation ENCORE with only 1,650 hours total time since new. Brand New Paint and interior July 2017 including woodwork and plating. Two place divan and single seat options. Fresh PHASE 1 thru 5 and “B” inspections by Steven’s Aviation (BNA) June 2017, Cessna Service Center maintained, JSSI Premium Plus Engine Program, CESCOM maintenance tracking, Honeywell Primus 1000 equipped with Universal FMS and TCAS II this airplane is one of a kind and has it all. Contact us today to learn more about this one of kind ENCORE!



Sale Type For Sale, Trade
Year: 2002
Manufacturer: Cessna
Model: Encore
S/N 560-0600
Registration N56FS


Total Landings



Engine #1 Details

Engine #2 Details

Type JSSI Premium Plus Serial PW535A - DC-0122 Type JSSI Premium Plus Serial PW535A - DC-0132
Cycles SNEW


    Cycles SNEW










  • Honeywell Primus 1000 3-Tube EFIS
  • Honeywell Primus II 1000 IFCS w/
  • Autopilot
  • Honeywell Primus 1000 IFCS Flight
  • Director
  • Dual Honeywell 1000 Comms w/8.33
  • Spacing
  • Dual Honeywell Primus Navs w/FM
  • Immunity
  • Dual DMEs
  • Dual Audio Control Systems
  • Universal UNS-1C FMS w/GPS
  • King KHF-950 HF w/SELCAL
  • Iridium SATCOM
  • Honeywell Mark VII EGPWS
  • Primus 660 Weather Radar
  • Cockpit Voice Recorder
  • BF Goodrich 950 Stormscope
  • Flight Hour Recorder
  • ELT w/Remote Cockpit Switch
  • Angle of Attack
  • N1 Computer
  • Heads up Technologies CMS-400 Checklist
  • Locking Fuel Caps
  • Marathon 44-Amp Battery
  • Tracking Cockpit Sun visors
  • Dual Forward Nav Chart Cases
  • Tail Logo Lights
  • Dual “True Blue” USB charging ports both left and right cockpit / plus one 24 VOLT outlet on PIC side






Rating: 10
  • BRAND NEW July 2017 - Eight (8) passenger configuration featuring
  • a forward refreshment center “optional” two (2) place divan or single seat opposite of galley.
  • Main cabin offers a four (4) place center club configuration followed by two (2) forward
  • Facing chairs. All chairs are covered in tan Mushroom leather, beige patternedsidewalls and an Ivory colored Headliner.
  • Carpeting is a light tan complimented by Light cherry cabinetry and brushed platinum colored plating.
  • Custom sheepskin covered crew seat modification allowing an additional 2” of up and down motion.
  • Additional amenities include five (5) under seat storage drawers, 12V DC Outlets
  • (Seats 5 & 10), belted flushing potty aft closet area with coat hangers.
Rating: New

BRAND NEW July 2017 – Overall Matterhorn White, with two-tone beige bottom and metallic gold/blue striping.


Inspection Information

Inspection Details
  • Engines enrolled on JSSI PREMIUM PLUS
    engine program.
  • Steven’s Aviation – PHASE 1-5B inspections June 2017
  • Engine Minor Inspections corrosion X April, 2017
  • Phase 1-4B Inspections - Cessna Service
  • Center GSO - 10-05-15
  • Previous Phase 5B Inspections, Phase MC -
  • Cessna Service Center MCO - 04-24-2014
  • Phase B, 11, 18, 21, 54, 55, 56, 61,
    64, Phase MA, March 24th, 2016
  • Phase 20 - 24 month RVSM - 12-15-15
  • Engine Minor Inspections March 24th, 2016.
  • Low Utilization Inspections - April, 2016.
  • TURBINE BLADES) - March 2017

** Please request a detailed maintenance status for a complete summary **

Damage History No known damage history.



Max Ramp 16,830
Max Takeoff 16,630
Max Landing 15,200
Zero Fuel 12,600
BOW 10,520
Max Payload 2,080
Useful Load 6,310
Executive Payload 1,400
Max Fuel 5,400
Avail Payload Max Fuel 910
Avail Fuel Max Payload 4,230
Avail Fuel Exec Payload 4,910

Limits: Citation Encore, CE-560
MMO 0.760
Transition Altitude FL/VMO FL289/292
Cabin Pressurization (PSI) 8.9

Airport Performance:
Citation Encore, CE-560
TO (Sea Level, ISA Temp) 3,490
TO (5000’, @25C) 5,750
Hot/High WAT 16,630
V2 @ SL ISA, MTOW  1,667
Landing Distance with 4 Passengers 2,439

Climb: Citation Encore, CE-560
Time to Climb/Alt 13 minutes/FL370
Engine Out Rate fpm 873
FAR 25 Engine-Out Grad (ft/nm) 456

Ceilings (ft) Citation Encore, CE-560:
Certificated 45,000
All Eng Srv 45,000
Eng Out Service 27,500
Sea Level Cabin 23,586

Long Range Cruise Citation Encore, CE-560
KTAS 376
Fuel Flow 804
Altitude FL 450
Specific Range 0.468

High Speed Cruise Citation Encore, CE-560
KTAS 426
Fuel Flow 1,335
Altitude FL 370
Specific Range 0.319

Data based on latest manufactured year for 2002


The Citation Encore is another of Cessna’s great private jets, the “Encore” to its successful Citation Ultra.   The Encore is versatile, able to fly long distances and take off and land on short runways, and carry a large load.   Passengers love its cabin comfort, smooth flight performance, and its low operating costs.

The cabin, which can hold eight passengers in fully reclinable seats, stretches to seventeen feet, five inches – the longest cabin of any light private jet.  The strategic use of seamless wall panels, indirect lights, and mirrors make the cabin seem larger than its actual volume of 307 cubic feet.  Passengers will enjoy the cabin’s amenities, which include individual flat panel entertainment systems and audio jacks, power outlets, and the MagnaStar 200 radio phone.  A newly-designed airstair entryway makes boarding a lot less challenging, especially for passengers in high heels.  The Encore has storage space for 43 cubic feet of exterior baggage plus 28 cubic feet in the interior, or more than 1,400 pounds.

The Cessna Citation Encore can takeoff from a sea level runway in 3,490 feet. The required runway distance increases to 5,750 feet at an altitude of 5,000 feet and a temperature of 77°F.   Not only is the Encore quick on takeoff, it is pretty fast at 45,000 feet as well.  In thirteen minutes, it climbs to 37,000 feet, where it can reach its maximum cruise speed of .74 Mach.  For a long range cruise, it flies at 376 knots at its maximum certified flight level of 45,000 feet.

The Encore’s speed can be attributed largely to its wing design.  Keeping with the Citation line’s tradition of simplicity in design and operation, it uses the straight wing design that was such a success on Cessna’s other private jets.  Two aerodynamicists, one from Cessna and one from NASA, collaborated to redesign the Citation line’s standard straight wing.  The result was a wing with a large leading-edge radius and a level upper surface, which better distributed air flow, cut drag, and ultimately increased the Encore’s cruise speed.  The wings allow the Encore to land on runways as short as 2,439 feet and take off in 3,490 feet when loaded to its maximum takeoff weight of 16,630 pounds.

It would be entirely unfair to solely give credit for the Encore’s speed to the wing design; the Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535A turbofan engines play a part, too.  Each engine provides the Encore with 3,400 pounds of thrust (almost 400 pounds more than the Ultra), while achieving a 16% more efficient specific fuel consumption than the P&W JT15D-5D engines used on the Ultra.

When it comes to avionics systems, simplicity of operation is best.  The engineers of the Honeywell Primus 1000 suite realized the importance of details like consolidating multiple displays into a few, easy-to-interpret ones and placing screens close to the controls to which they apply.  One of the predecessors of the Encore had a confusing array of five screens and over eight analog controls.  The Encore consolidates the mess into four sleek screens.  The relevant controls are located directly on the screens’ faceplates to improve pilot hand-eye coordination and flight performance. The engines produce enough bleed air to support the Encore’s systems – anti-icing, cabin pressurization, and air conditioning.  The Encore’s temperature control system has been updated to use both bleed air and an electrical vapor-cycle machine.  The electrical system serves as a backup air conditioning system on really hot days and can be started on the runway to cool the cabin before the engines start.  The temperature control system is conveniently designed to allow the cabin and cockpit to set and maintain different temperatures.

As can be expected with a private jet from Cessna, great attention to detail makes the Encore great.  It uses a trailing link landing gear for smooth taxiing and soft landings, and can be single-pilot operated.  A new forced mixer nozzle cuts engine noise, and new fuel heaters have been added that eliminate the need to mix anti-icing additives with the fuel.  Other small updates allow the Encore to carry 344 fewer pounds of fuel and still have a longer range than the Ultra.

In short, the Cessna Citation Encore is a dream-come-true private jet.  It can carry heavy loads, long distances, and can still keep the passengers comfortable and the pilots satisfied.  The Encore is versatile, economical, luxurious, high-performing . . . and even looks great on the runway.



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