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Celebrating Our 25th Year!

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Jetclub-LogoFlight Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce shared leased and ownership opportunities within our professionally managed fleet of aircraft. Please call (615) 452-5001 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for complete program details and pricing.

This is an exclusive club with limited membership available.

Flight Solutions Inc. has been in the business of managing, owning, leasing and operating business aircraft for more than 24 years. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise enhances our client’s flying experience by creating greater efficiencies in the cost sharing operations, maintenance discounts, parts purchasing, fuel programs, pilot’s, training all with the professional oversight by people who have owned and operated aircraft for years. We extend an invitation to you, to contact us about Shared Ownership and Shared Leasing programs. We offer a long list of satisfied customers that have enjoyed the benefits of our services – isn’t it time you joined us?

“Our job is to create solutions for the most challenging of requests. It’s not only all that we do, it is everything we do.”

Peace of Mind

Turn-key Aircraft Management Service - Our professional management service relieves you of all of the headaches normally associated with aircraft ownership and operation. The aircraft and crew are ready when you are.

No Unpleasant Surprises - Avoid unexpected maintenance bills. Maintenance reserves are funded for every hour an Owner uses the Aircraft. This ensures funds are in place to cover scheduled and unscheduled maintenance before as they occur.

Predictability of Expenses - Every owner receives just two invoices per month. One covering the fixed Monthly Management and Lease Fee and one for the previous month’s Operating Expenses.


Highest Standards - Aircraft are maintained and operated to the highest professional standards. Your flight crews have thousands of hours of experience in turbine aircraft, have earned the highest level of FAA pilot’s License available - the Airline Transport Pilot certificate, and receive professional, factory recurrent training annually.


VIP Treatment – Enjoy access to private facilities all over the country. Avoid the hassles and headaches of public terminals. Everywhere you fly you will experience the advantages of private terminals with conference rooms, specialized catering, on spot rental cars, sedan and limo services and much more. You’ll be on your way before you know it!


No missed connections - As an Aircraft Owner, missed connections and delayed departures are a thing of the past. The Aircraft and Crew are at your disposal so last minute schedule changes are hassle-free.


Fleet Aircraft - Aircraft Owners are able to trade time within our fleet and assured that you will always have access to an aircraft. Trade up or down and customize the trip to your needs.

* Monthly Management Fee, and Hourly Operating Costs are subject to change.
* Lease Cost does not include sales tax.

Pilot training  • Aircraft Scheduling  • Flight Crew Scheduling  • Aircraft Insurance  • Hangar (Base only)  • Maintenance Tracking  • Interior & Exterior Cleaning  • Standard Catering/Stocking  • Aircraft Line Service  • Navigational Chart Service  • Compliance with all FAR’s  • Flight Crew Compliance  • Aircraft Compliance  • Maintenance Reserves  • Pilot Day Services  • Crew Overnight Expenses  • Airport and Facility Fees  • Catering/Stocking  •  Fuel