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Aircraft Sales & Leasing

Buying or Selling an aircraft represents one of the largest transactions an individual or organization will undertake. Because of the unique nature of this purchase and the broad impact a "good" or "bad" decision can have, utilizing an experienced dealer is inexpensive insurance. Flight Solutions offers a complete range of aircraft brokerage services to assist a client in either selling or purchasing a business aircraft. With years of experience in operations and sales, we are uniquely qualified to service your needs. We are experienced to handle any aircraft sale from the beginning to the end.

Flight Solutions is a premier aircraft brokerage, sales and leasing company with more than 24 years and millions of dollars worth of aircraft sales experience…and growing! Our in-depth knowledge and expertise has been gained from years of operating and maintaining the same type of aircraft within our own charter and corporate fleet. We extend an invitation to you, to contact us about representing your aircraft for sale or trade. We offer a long list of satisfied customers that have enjoyed the benefits of our services.

With our knowledge and experience we handle the sale from beginning to end. We even follow through and assist the customer in putting the aircraft into service, bringing years of experience with operations into play, ensuring that maximum utility of the aircraft is achieved. With thousands business aircraft choices, every one very unique unto itself, the professional experience that Flight Solutions provides will ensure a hassle-free, smooth, and enjoyable experience. Whether your looking to purchase or sell an aircraft contact us today at at 615-452-5001 or toll free in the US at 800-281-9301 as well as by email at



  • Market research and comparisons to assist in establishing pricing

  • Complete work-up on the aircraft, with specifications, history and professional photos

  • Representation of the aircraft worldwide, utilizing standard and internet advertising outlets

  • Negotiating of all terms

  • Pre-qualifying all leads

  • Provide contracts and ensure all FAA paperwork is transferred properly

  • Oversee and participate in the pre-purchase inspection

  • Assisting with any special requirements e.g., "like-kind" exchanges, paint and exterior

  • Assisting in the acquisition of a replacement aircraft

  • Competitive brokerage fees and flexible commissions

Sales & Leasing

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Aircraft Financing

Aircraft-FinancingOne of the most challenging parts of purchasing a Business Aircraft or Helicopter can be arranging financing. Flight Solutions makes the process much easier! By allowing us to handle your financing, you automatically bring to bear the resources of our entire organization to enhance your aircraft lending experience. We have borrowed millions of dollars ourselves and know how to find the best deals. Flight Solutions in addition to using its own resources and in association with selected financial institutions that we have a solid relationship with, can provide you with a range of financial options to help you get flying. We work to bring you the most competitive and creative financing products available. Why have just a “bank” handle your financing requirements when you can have the professional’s at Flight Solutions make the process much simpler!

Clients of Flight Solutions have the reassurance of dealing with a lender of stature, while at the same time enjoying a highly knowledgeable, flexible and personal loan service from experienced aircraft finance specialists that are aircraft owners just like you!

Please contact us with your financing requirements using the form below or you may download our Aircraft Financing Application by selecting the download button.

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