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Jet Club is our premier service for those who want the benefits of private travel at a fraction of the cost of ownership. Our exclusive club allows you to travel easily, minimize the maintenance associated with airplane ownership, and significantly reduce the costs associated with individual charters.

Learn more about our shared leasing and ownership service and how you can change how you move your life and business forward.

Jet Club Benefits

For each minute your plane is on the ground, your value as an owner diminishes, too. Cost-sharing operations—including maintenance discounts, parts purchasing, fuel programs, and pilot’s training—paired with professional oversight make the most of your investment and provide the amazing lifestyle and business benefits of private aviation.
  • Hassle-free schedule changes will have you saying goodbye to missed connections, delays, and travel headaches.
  • Fleet access allows you to trade up or down on your aircraft size, depending on your needs.
  • Access to a professional crew that meets the highest safety standards. From our mechanics to our certified pilots with the highest level of FAA training available, our 25-year reputation of excellence in safety speaks for itself.
  • Predictable expenses billed twice a month.
  • Access to world-class amenities, including private terminals with conference rooms, catering, on-site rental car availability, and limo services.

Your Jet Club fees cover:  

  • Aircraft Scheduling  
  • Flight Crew Scheduling  
  • Aircraft Insurance  
  • Hangar (base only)  
  • Maintenance Tracking  
  • Interior and Exterior Cleaning  
  • Standard Catering/Stocking  
  • Aircraft Line Service  
  • Navigational Chart Service  
  • Compliance with all FARs  
  • Flight Crew Compliance  
  • Aircraft Compliance  
  • Maintenance Reserves  
  • Recurrency Training (Pilot Training)
  • Pilot Day Services  
  • Crew Overnight Expenses  
  • Airport and Facility Fees  
  • Fuel

As a private club, membership availability varies by city. Use the Jet Club information request form or call today to get in contact with one of our team members and learn more about joining today.

Jet Club Information Request

Jet Club Fleet

Falcon 20F-5BR

Falcon Jet
Falcon Jet 03
Falcon Jet 04
Falcon Jet 06
Falcon Jet 07
Falcon Jet 08

Cessna Citation Excell

N560FS 01
N560FS 02
N560FS 03
N560FS 04
N560FS 07
N560FS 09

Cessna Citation III (650)

1984 Cessna Citation III 650 01
1984 Cessna Citation III 650 02
1984 Cessna Citation III 650 03a
1984 Cessna Citation III 650 07
1984 Cessna Citation III 650 10
1984 Cessna Citation III 650 2

Cessna Citation Bravo

1999 Citation Bravo 01
1999 Citation Bravo 02
1999 Citation Bravo 04
1999 Citation Bravo 05
1999 Citation Bravo 06
1999 Citation Bravo 07

Cessna Citation 550

N45FS 001
N45FS 002
N45FS 003
N45FS 007
N45FS 008
N45FS 009

Cessna Citation 501SP

Citation 501SP 1
Citation 501SP 2
Citation 501SP 3
Citation 501SP 5
Citation 501SP 6
Citation 501SP 7