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Kevin McCutcheon

Kevin McCutcheon

A passion for aviation is at the heart of Kevin McCutcheon’s story. 

After getting his pilot’s license at 17, he was hooked. His love for aviation is the driving force and vision behind Flight Solutions, and it’s that passion that comes through in how he conducts business. 

If you need more proof of his passion, look no further than his long list of degrees and advanced training. Kevin holds a degree in business aviation and a professional pilot degree, with an Airline Transport Pilot rating (ATP); Instructor CFI, CFII, and CFI-MEI ratings; and Captain type-ratings in Hawkers, Sabres, Citations, Gulfstreams, and Falcons. He’s also certified in non-standard aircraft, including seaplane ratings, as well as commercial helicopter ratings. 

With more than 11,000 flight hours in aircraft ranging from jets and pistons to helicopters and seaplanes, Kevin puts safety and his commitment to being an expert in all things aviation to work for his clients. 

You’ll be hard pressed to find someone more dedicated and knowledgeable about the aviation industry. His years of practical experience as director of operations and chief pilot for a large corporate and charter operation, as well as owning and operating his own business for over 25 years, make him uniquely qualified to assist you in the sale, leasing, financing, buying, or chartering of business aircraft. He has personally sold hundreds of aircraft and helicopters worldwide—an estimated $500 million in total sales—over the years in addition to his operational experience as a professional pilot and business owner. 

Kevin and his wife Julie have four children: Connor, Lydia, Sophia, and Myles.

Julie McCutcheon

Julie McCutcheon

Vice President
When it comes to growing our business, Julie McCutcheon has been in the co-pilot’s seat from day one. Julie has helped develop and maintain critical client relationships, overseen operations, and managed our amazing team of employees. As Flight Solutions has grown and expanded capabilities as a full-service business aviation company, Julie has been a key player and trusted partner.

With a bachelor’s degree in business management and an associate’s degree in elementary education, her background has suited her for her two full-time jobs: serving as the Vice President of Flight Solutions and raising four children. A competitive ballroom dancer and certified fitness trainer, Julie’s many talents and busy schedule keep her moving as fast as a Citation.

Andy Shiver

Andy Shiver

General Manager
Andy Shiver is Flight Solution’s General Manager. Andy has a lifelong passion for aviation — and the track record to prove it.

At 17 when most teens are thrilled to get their driver’s license, Andy was flying planes. After graduating from the esteemed Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical science and an aviation business minor, Andy’s passion for aviation and entrepreneurial ambition led him to begin Shiver Enterprises in 2002, a full-service aircraft management company that went on to become Shiver Total Aviation Solutions and, in 2016, became part of Flight Solutions, Inc.  

Andy is hardworking and honest and thrives under pressure. And even in his dedication to growing the Flight Solutions business and serving our clients, he puts family first. Andy and his wife Kelly have two children, Whitney and Drew, who love to fly and enjoy the wonderful benefits of their dad’s many talents.

Andy Shiver

Connie Dodson

Operations Manager
Connie Dodson joined the Flight Solutions team in 2016 after managing one of the largest general aviation airports in the state of Tennessee for 25 years.

An industry veteran, she’s been known to tell people she’s in the high-speed aluminum tubing business. Jokes aside, she has a serious passion for aviation and the people who choose our industry as a career — from the pilots, to the mechanics, to dispatchers and air traffic controllers, and operations specialists. So passionate, in fact, that she serves on the Aviation, Industrial, and Technology Advisory Board at Tennessee State University and the Transportation Industry Panel with the Tennessee Department of Education.  

For Connie it’s not just about keeping our amazing clients up in the air, it’s also about growing our workforce so that we can provide topnotch service to them for years to come. That big-picture thinking, passion for all the details, and experience make her a tremendous asset to the Flight Solutions team and our clients.

Andy Shiver

Steve Takacs

Director of Maintenance and Project Manager
Steve Takacs is our Director of Maintenance and Project Manager. Steve keeps the company-assigned aircraft performing at the highest standards and is the dedicated project manager on our custom aircraft renovations.

Steve has more than 37 years in the aviation field in roles that vary from military service, to major airlines, express carrier, and corporate aviation. In sum: He has experience with almost every kind of aircraft in every kind of scenario.   

You can count on Steve. His track record for getting the job done on time dates all the way back to his military days. When Steve was in active service, the squadron he was assigned to had the record for most missions flown consecutively. When an aircraft on deployment returned with several discrepancies, Steve led the crew and corrected the items in time to complete the mission. Thirty years later, the squadron’s record still stands. That’s the level of service, discipline, and cool-under-pressure approach we can count on with Steve.

Jackie Simmons

Jackie Simmons

Sales Manager
Jackie Simmons makes sure our clients get where they want to go, when they want to get there. And while she’s the newest team member at Flight Solutions, her experience in aviation is far from new.

Jackie’s résumé checks every box — from her time in the Air Force and Air Force Reserves, to her experience working in a variety of private aviation roles that serve businesses all over the world. Her deep understanding of the aviation industry helps her keep up with continually changing regulations so that we can support our clients with the highest level of service possible.   

Loyal, creative, and with a positive attitude, her level of service shines through for our clients and our country. Jackie is just a year away from retiring from the United States Air Force Reserves, and we couldn’t be more proud to have her on our team.

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