When How You Travel Changes Everything

When How You Travel Changes Everything

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Aircraft Sales, Charter, Leasing, and Shared Ownership

Flight Solutions offers a full suite of private aviation services. Whether you’re seeking a trusted partner to book a charter or upgrading your personal or business aircraft, we help you save time, maximize resources, and move at a speed that supports your lifestyle. Explore our services and contact us today.


Aircraft Sales

Complete Services for Buying and Selling Aircraft

We offer a complete range of brokerage services for buying and selling aircraft. When evaluating price, safety, and financing, we make the most of your investment. [read more]



24-Hour Dispatch, Domestic and International

You’re ready to book a charter and fly privately, but how do you navigate all the options available to you? Selecting a charter provider requires an understanding of safety ratings, costs, and reputation. [read more]


Jet Club

Shared Leasing and Ownership

Need frequent charters, but you’re not ready to make the leap into aircraft ownership? Jet Club, our shared leasing and owners service, offers the perfect solution for your demanding schedule. Efficiency, convenience, privacy, and a crew ready when you are—your travel should move at the speed of your life… [read more]

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2017 Preowned Sales Signal Signs for Optimism

As 2018 gets going, there is cautious optimism in the business-aircraft transaction world. Full-year 2017 deliveries, up just more than 1 percent at the three-quarter pole, according to GAMA's official numbers, are expected to be flat to up slightly when the final figures are tallied. The optimism stretches to the used market, where pockets of positive news and some encouraging data points have many looking to brighter days ahead
Last year "was a success for the pre-owned business jet industry," declared Hagerty Jet Group in its 2017 fourth-quarter market update. "There was an uptick in transactions, inventory declined and prices in many of the Gulfstream markets are stabilizing."
Figures shared by Hagerty underscore its view. Hagerty tracks several key metrics, including the highest and lowest numbers of aircraft on the market during a given quarter within the last 24 months. Among the eight Gulfstream models tracked in its update, five—including all three in-production models, the G650, G550 and G280—had their most recent quarterly lows sometime during 2017. Two, the GV and G150 (which saw its production come to an end with S/N 326, delivered in June), were at 24-month highs as 2017 came to an end, while the high-water marks for the other six models took place during 2017's first quarter.

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